10 Easy Ways To Increase Your Organic Traffic That You Can Do By Yourself

So you got yourself a beautiful logo, a responsive and stunning website, but, Nothing happens. There is no activity, no sign-up forms, nor ANY traffic. The mystery is yet to be resolved!

So first, what is website traffic, and what’s the difference between organic & paid traffic?

Website traffic, or in practical language, potential clients that are looking for your business/services and visits your website. Simple as that, a website with no traffic is nothing more than an interactive flayer. There are many ways to earn traffic to your website, and one of the well-known ways as paid advertisements. With paid advertisements, you can advertise for highly targeted audiences, to send traffic directly to your website, or a landing page. This will ultimately be called paid traffic. In addition, organic traffic is simply people that visit your website regardless of your paid ads. It can be people that searched your business on Google, social media, local directories, Yelp, etc, or they simply encounter your business in one way or another that eventually led them to your website. This is the secret sauce for every website. To earn steady, high quality, organic traffic of potential clients.

On this guide, I will share with you 10 super easy ways to increase your organic traffic that takes less than no more than an hour a week.

1. Create Local Directories Profiles

Local directories creation should be one of the early steps in the way of creating and building your online presence. Local directories, like Yelp and BBB, helps consumers look for the right service/business for them while providing detailed information about each company. The biggest benefit about it is that those local directories give you, the business owner, the opportunity to fill out the information about your business that will be presented to potential clients. This is going to ultimately increase your business visibility while creating hundreds of more opportunities each month. Free traffic and leads for your business! You can check your complete online presence for free here.

2. Create Social Media Profiles

Social media nowadays is more than just a place to share pictures and thoughts. It’s probably one of the most important mediums your business should be active on. Study shows that more than 2.4 billion! Are active on Facebook on a monthly basis. That means A LOT.

Creating your social media profiles will ensure your clients can find you everywhere they look! Besides that, a bold social media presence will create credibility for your business and will attract new potential clients you didn’t even know could benefit from your services/products.

3. Your Website is you-everywhere

Your website is basically like an extension of you, and your business. It provides important information for clients, showcasing your business products or services, and offer a unique and sophisticated way to generate more leads and sales for you, 24/7. For that reason, you should endure your website, and use it everywhere you can! Add your website on your business cards, your flayers, your in-store posters, local directories, social media profiles and posts, weekly blogs, or on any other platform that carries your business name. Your website is you- everywhere!

4. Offer discounts and promotions through the website

Who doesn’t loves promotions and discounts? And every business owner is willing to give out promotions and discounts with the purpose of earning more business and long-term customers. You can do it! Simply offer those promotions and discounts for clients that contact or purchase your services/products through the website. Your website is an automated 24/7 lead generation machine, and if the right call to action is presented to clients, it will not only increase your monthly traffic and leads, it will also going to bring in new clients, and going to save you time and money!

5. Upload pictures and videos

Our brains work best with visual explainers. When you read an article in the newspaper or online, your brain ultimately looks for the pictures presented within the content. Uploading pictures and videos of your work to all the different channels, (Social media, Local directories, and most importantly your website) will help your clients get to know your company and services before they even purchased or contacted your business. Besides that, it’s a known fact that pictures, videos, and other original content effort increase your online ranking, and promotes you with google search results.

6. Write a weekly blog

As a business owner and a service provider, you represent knowledge and experience. As a professional and knowledgeable business, you guarantee your clients trust with your products and services. If you’re able to share some of your information and experience with existing and future clients, it will benefit you more than you can imagine! Write a weekly blog on your website to share interesting ideas, guides, Do’s & Don’ts, so when potential clients looking online for answers, they will find your knowledge base essential! Besides that, you can definitely show off your blog to whoever might be interested. Share it on social media, be emails, and to clients that physically engaging with your business/products.

7. Be active on social media

So after you created your social media profiles, it’s important to stay active and engaging with your audience. It’s not healthy to stay anonymous online, and your clients are interested in that social media connection they have with businesses/ business owners.

Try to write at least one or two times a day on social media. Upload a picture. Create a discussion. This will ultimately boost your online presence and will build up your audience. Pro Tip: Always share a link to your website in ALL your social media posts and other online channels. This will give you a free link that will direct traffic to your website.

8. Get more positive reviews from clients

Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. It’s been studied that more than 93% of people say that online reviews impact their buying decisions, and 85% of people say that they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Also, 68% of people say that they willing to pay up to 20% more for the same product or service if it’s been assured to them that they will have a better experience. It means a lot. And if your business doesn’t have enough positive reviews, on many different directories, you’re possibly losing HUGE amount of traffic, that goes directly to your competitors. Ask for your clients to post a positive review on Yelp, Google, BBB and more, to make sure whoever looking for your business or services, will get the right impression. Click here to learn how to increase your online reviews while dramatically lowering the number of negative reviews.

9. Join local or niche related Facebook groups & forums

As I said before, social media, and especially Facebook is one of the best platforms today to engage with your local audience and creating new opportunities for your business. Try to look for related groups on Facebook or forums around the web that shares the same interests as your business or products. You’ll be able to answer questions, participate in discussions, and attract new clients to your business and website.

10. Show off your website to existing clients (referrals)

Show off your website! Yes. Your website is a part of your business and actually showcase your business 24/7/365, regardless of holidays, weekends or anything else. Make sure your website has all the important information to close a deal and make it easier for your clients to contact you. Also, ask for your existing clients to show your website to other people who might be interested in your services. It will ultimately bring in to your business more referrals, leads and sales!

Get Your Traffic One Day At a Time

So, here you have 10 very easy and simple ways to increase your organic traffic. I know, it sounds too much, and a little bit complicated, but with a little bit of patience, you could grow your business, get more leads, and increase your sales and revenue!

If you’re ready for traffic explosion, and a steady stream of leads on a monthly basis, contact us for a brief marketing consultation (Completely free) do discuss your opportunities and options!